private investigator

Zimmerman appeared to threaten to feed the investigator to an alligator.
The Colorado private investigator who helped defend a condemned killer says religious beliefs prevent her from testifying for the prosecution.
The arrest could have been ripped from a Hollywood script, playing out on the eve of a statewide election.
It's refreshing to discover a noteworthy female protagonist in Cate Harlow. She's the fiery private investigator in author Kristen Houghton's latest endeavor, For I Have Sinned.
Amanda Kyle Williams is a keeper. If you love good mysteries or are just a fan of talented writing you must pick up her books
There is so much richness in the presentation of this story that the readers can lose their cares and be totally absorbed by it all. Plus through the magic of Kathryn R. Wall's writing the passage of the last three years disappear and you are instantly back in Bay's world as if you had never left.
People lost all types of property during the storm -- some people lost something as big as a boat, while others lost photographs and family treasures. It is our job to use the skills we have to help in any way we can and that doesn't necessarily have to be in a conventional way.
Though cops have searched the Bashara home in Grosse Pointe Park several times, no charges have been filed in the case. Bashara
As if it weren’t difficult enough to find a job in this still-struggling economy, prospective employees have a new hurdle