private island

Story continues below... And, sigh, should real-life occupations still concern you, Brewer's Island is just about 40 miles
Mention paradise and most people think about a speck of land surrounded by nothing but endless sea. Swaying palm trees? Check. Pristine baby-powder beach? Check. Stylish accommodations? Check.
Check out the private islands here: The showcase of "cheap" private islands comes just after America's cheapest private island
So, which billionaires own some of the world’s most expensive private islands? Click below to find out. Also, see more billionaire
Celebrities usually have the inside track on the coolest places to go.
To protect the 40-some island-dwellers is a police force of 14 officers, who circle around the island in 24/7 boat patrol
Photos courtesy of OK, let's divide the world into two groups: The mundane who come up with lists of the three