Private Practice

This post was originally published on Techealthiest. Yes, this is a gross oversimplification of what makes a solid psychologist
And whenever you are feeling down and need a pick me up, every time something doesn't go to plan, every time you receive bad feedback or a negative response - open up your very own journal and reflect on all the positives. That is what will inspire you. Motivate you. And push you further than you have ever been.
The about page is the most visited page on most therapists' sites. Use this page to get clear by writing from the client's
The Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles held their black tie Gala Saturday night, honoring two shining stars in media who promote LGBT rights: Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal, and Michael Lombardo, President of HBO Programming.
In ShondaLand, one can work with and have relationships with any number of medical, legal or political colleagues without permanent damage to their job trajectory or their emotional stability -- and unlimited 'meetings' in the on-call room. But dig a little deeper and there is so much more.
Daily Mail recently posted some behind-the-scenes video of Walsh's NBC show that will probably ruin all network TV nude scenes
Kate Walsh is returning to TV in FX's "Fargo." The 10 episode series will be set in the town of Fargo, but will focus on
It was an interesting evening on January 28th at The Dinner Party when words of wisdom were shared by actress, playwright and Executive Director of the Black Ensemble Theater, Jackie Taylor, art collector and entrepreneur, Howard Tullman, and indie rocker, Kelly Hogan.
The hard truth was I did not remotely want to be a surgeon. I actually just wanted to be on Grey's Anatomy. So I packed my bags and moved to Hollywood... and in a meta-twist of fate, I ended up playing Derek Shepherd's hellion little sister Amelia.
Late last year, Entertainment Weekly armed "Private Practice" star KaDee Strickland with a video camera and asked her to
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"Sometimes, all signs point one way, but sometimes you just have to get in your car and drive and forget what you know what
Yvette Nicole Brown to guest-star on "Shake It Up." The "Community" star is set to appear on the 19th episode of Season 3
Video produced by Sam Wilkes. Watch the video above to see the best kisses from 2012 on TV, from the sweet to the scandalous
"After all Addison has suffered and struggled with throughout the series -- all the heartache and hardship -- Shonda [Rhimes
In a sad development that was hinted at in the season premiere of this final season of "Private Practice," it was confirmed
It's not the only positive news "Last Man Standing" received this week -- ABC also commissioned five additional episodes
A familiar face is returning for the end of "Private Practice." According to TV Guide, former series regular Audra McDonald