The president's appointees will select a new postmaster general, who could reshape the agency for years to come — and move it toward privatization.
Nearly 30 percent of the island's energy customers remain without power.
Privatization would jeopardize the busiest and safest air traffic control system in the world.
Some say the GOP still has no replacement plan, after almost seven years contesting the ACA, But they actually have published
There is nothing wrong with buying or contracting out. The university I work for has a contract with Barnes & Noble to run
But that's not the only way the hedge fund charter networks and private schools will make money. Inexperienced teachers need
After his re-election in 2004, President George W. Bush declared he would spend his political capital to realize a long-held
Global companies are targeting public education as an area for privatization and profit.
LOL...But not as far-fetched as it sounds. "I'm going to win bigly," tweeted Trump. "I'm the best dancer there is," he added
As public money has dwindled, privatization in its many forms has often appeared as a solution. A charter school here, a privately operated public bus system there.