Nearly 30 percent of the island's energy customers remain without power.
Privatization would jeopardize the busiest and safest air traffic control system in the world.
In the meantime, we already know a lot about what to expect in the final Republican post-ACA replacement plan. First, these
The underlying problem with water, electrical, waste, sewage and transportation infrastructure is that everyone wants the
According to the National Center for Education Statistics the "total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools
Senate Democrats and Independents must stand together. Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Bernie Sanders
Global companies are targeting public education as an area for privatization and profit.
In a private briefing, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were enthusiastic about Trump's announcement. "While President Trump busy
As public money has dwindled, privatization in its many forms has often appeared as a solution. A charter school here, a privately operated public bus system there.
LePage sees the resemblance. He's called himself ''Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular," and "Baby Donald."
When corporations buy or operate water utilities, the public loses control over water and the decisions that go into providing it.
It wouldn't matter so much if Haslam were your run-of-the-mill governor. But he's the country's richest politician, with a net worth of $2 billion. It matters because Haslam has a plan that could plunge thousands of state workers into poverty.
This list, which is by no means exhaustive, points to two important facts. For the IPO to succeed, Saudi Arabia will have
The Pentagon currently has over 640,000 private contractors. No one knows the exact number but this is almost certainly an
The results are clear: TSA works. Their decade and a half of good work cannot be swept aside because they've been starved
This election cycle has been heavy on rhetoric and light on policy. Given that nearly 50% of Americans consider themselves
Allowing more charters schools -- online or not -- without planning and oversight robs communities of stable, safe schools where children can learn from great teachers. All children deserve a quality education.
Granada Hills Charter is one of the largest and highest performing charter schools in California and the United States. It
If there was a real reason to believe that the current system is badly hurting our veterans, and that they would be better cared for under a privatized system, then it would be reasonable to support the transition. But this is the opposite of the reality.