“This is how the 1% look at minorities,” wrote Rep. Ruben Gallego, who blasted Kushner for suggesting Black Americans don't work hard enough.
"As a health care professional, I have seen firsthand how BIPOC receive lesser care."
Talking to kids about racial justice and police brutality isn't easy. Do it anyway.
The actor opened up about parenting in lockdown, homeschooling and giving back during the coronavirus pandemic.
We’re isolated. We’re anxious. We’re in mourning. And some of us are incredibly fortunate.
Cohen is in "grave danger of being disbarred" for violating attorney-client privilege, Trump's lawyer said.
The diarist is the real deal, her editors at Refinery29 insist. But as a former diarist myself, I have some hard truths to reveal.
One couple’s experience parenting a multiracial family in Bozeman, Montana.
So many chances were handed to me that there’s no way I could look life in the eye and act like all this fruit came from my own labor.
Black folks will not accept your attempts at apology or peace, and even when we seem understanding, that will be far from the truth.