"If you are going to tell a woman who has been raped she has to carry the child of a rapist, you’re losing most Americans," said Lindsey Graham.
The case of the citation to the Ramallah governor and the attempts to backtrack due to political pressure are not new in the US. But pro-Israel groups are more and more frustrated as their powers to silent Palestinian voices are slowly weakening even though the battle for telling the Palestinian narrative is a long way from becoming mainstream in the US.
While other student groups are concerned with instigating campus conflict, our students are supporting their beliefs by celebrating Israel in a positive and meaningful way. Divestment does not enrich this campus -- a positive pro-Israel culture does.
This label insinuates that their primary concern is reaching the best outcome for the state of Israel. The irony is that sometimes the most so-called "Pro-Israel" people are those who are advocating for policies that hurt Israel.
Ari and Emma reminisce on just how bizarre a program Birthright is, and just how much sex they had while they were there.
Whatever the case, with a re-elected President Obama who no longer has to obey AIPAC's every beck and call, don't be surprised if the U.S. is less warm towards Israel in the next four years than it was in the last four.
I understand that frustration is rising over diplomatic stagnation, and I know that advocates for peace are attracted to tactics like BDS that create the impression of action. But, to date, pursuit of these tactics has promoted little more than debate and division.
Many politicians with divergent views on sticky Israeli issues have attempted to redefine what it means to be pro-Israel by formulating their own definitions on what is in Israel's best interests.
Israel and the United States are not one country. Being pro-Israel should not wield so much power that it becomes a principal issue in American elections.
Obama's no Haman. He's made it clear from the outset that he'd like to be a force in bringing about the two-state solution for Israel to remain a Jewish democracy for longer than a few years.
We also now have an American president who surrounded himself with Jewish advisers and who has made it clear that he regards
Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, is boycotting J Street's -- the new pro-Israel PAC -- first annual conference. Incredibly, he says it could "impair Israeli interests."
Being pro-Israel means caring about Israel, even loving it. It does not mean using it as an excuse for power brokering and suppressing dissident voices.
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Should American Jews feel more comfortable that Rahm Emanuel is "essentially an Israeli" and will therefore do Israel's bidding in the White House? This... doesn't make me more comfortable.
Dick Cheney was able to perpetrate his outrages due to a president who had no sense of political self. That isn't the case with Obama. No one is going to take this man for a ride, political or otherwise.