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Seven months after giving birth, the shark attack survivor proves yet again that she is the queen of comebacks.
Even after losing a limb in a shark attack, pro surfer Bethany Hamilton urges people to keep on with their water sports.
"I often forget that I have one arm," she said during the announcement. "I think there's going to be things that will be
Jill Anjuli Hansen Hansen, who gave a TEDx talk in 2010 in Fullerton, California, entitled “Open Mind, Open Heart,” has numerous
This week's episode features an exclusive interview with professional surfer Kassia Meador who joined the show to talk about her surf trip to France and how the surf is in her hometown of Venice Beach when a solid well hits
Gilmore is a comfortable soul with a sprinkle of surprise. She's impressive, inspiring and set for some serious global domination. I grabbed her for a quick interview to get the lowdown.