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The "Halloween" actress tore into the meme-inspiring stunt at the Golden Globes and says companies need to ask permission for product placement.
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With the new Bond film Spectre newly released, many of us are gripped with anticipation and what the next instalment holds. So what brand lessons can we learn from big film franchises like Bond that we can apply to our businesses?
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Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in "Hyde Park on the Hudson" solves world peace by encouraging The King of England to eat a hot dog.
The FTC's latest settlement should serve as reminder to all marketers that they need to ensure that their spokespersons are disclosing their material connections when endorsing the marketer's products in non-traditional media, such as talk shows, blogs and websites.
Ellen's selfie stunt produced the most retweeted image of all time! Whether you like the fact that it was a staged product placement is not the point because it was brilliant. What I think is even more brilliant was LG's real time content marketing response suggesting a G2 would have enabled Ellen to take the selfie herself.