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A universal concern that the millennial generation can identify with is lack of time. There's just too much to do and too little time!
The end of the workday sometimes feels like the end of a toothpaste tube. You could go all intense and squeeze out every last bit, but why bother? It's done. You just toss it. That's okay for toothpaste, but not for your workday. Your workday is not a toothpaste tube, and the last few minutes should be purposefully engaged, not carelessly tossed.
NY Times Columnist Tom Friedman discusses his favorite productivity hack: pressing the "pause" button.
We asked some of the brightest minds at the World Economic Forum how they stay productive throughout the day and here's what they had to say.
If we want to succeed in any endeavor we set our sights on, we have to stay productive. When we can't, our progress slows to a crawl, and potentially goes backwards when our self-limiting behavior rears its ugly head again.
Delegate - Even if you are a growing business, solopreneur or your web company pretty much runs itself there will always
Of course, it's also important to use nature sounds correctly if you want to boost your mood and productivity -- Braasch
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Work straight through the day. Look at cute puppies. Although it may sound counterintuitive, those cute animals you just
On the junk mail note: It might be worthwhile to carve out some time to do some weeding. Unsubscribe from newsletters you
We all have those days where we just. can't. focus. You try to devote your attention to one task, only to be completely whisked
Keep work email off of your phone so that you won't be tempted to check it during off-hours. Use a flash blocker to keep
There's a good reason why your to-do list is constantly failing you.