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The fact that Donald Trump was running ads to reach supporters during NFL games shows evidence that even this conservative
... Q: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about what it's like to be in the NFL? ... ... A: The risks of the NFL
St. Louis lost the Hawks in basketball to Atlanta, the Cardinals of football to Arizona, and now the Rams. The city loves their baseball Cardinals and their hockey Blues, but the numbers show it just doesn't seem like St. Louis can hold much more.
Half-baked in Boston...
The incessant airing of Viagra's nauseating British-blonde-on-a-bed commercial during both this October's football games and throughout the baseball playoffs illustrates how tone-deaf the National Football League and Major League Baseball remain when it comes to truly embracing family viewers.
Unfortunately, a day of overeating is typically followed by setbacks such as fatigue, headaches, and lack of energy. This can be attributed to processed foods and beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and sodium.
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) isn't satisfied with the status quo, either. "Taxpayers are losing $10 million a year subsidizing
We should not give this kind of assault a special name and put it in a special category that ultimately belittles it, fails to protect society, and robs victims of justice. By calling it "domestic assault," as we have for so long, we put a white picket fence around it and in some weird way prettify it. Which is utterly inexcusable.
I first met Jackson Michael in Austin Texas. He pitched us a book about interviewing old-time NFL players. Men who played the game before there was money. Men who made the NFL a multibillion-dollar franchise.