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In advertising, there's something called an ADLOB. It stands for "Ad Like Object" and it's called for when we need to present something to a client that's a simulacrum of an ad without being a full on ad itself. In dating, I've discovered the need for -- and therefore invented -- a similar term, a Datelob.
Let's face it, many professionals have good skills. So it helps to be memorable -- whether your goal is to win clients, get promoted in your organization, or rise to the top of an industry.
n all cases where I connected with these I folks, I knew up front before we met what the meeting was about and whether it was time sensitive, so I could choose how to prioritize my time as I get meeting invites from prospective employers and other career-influential colleagues.
On paper, Emily and Edward are equally matched. Their prior experience and educational attainment are both high-caliber. Each
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SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue “A holiday party is the perfect place to renew old relationships and establish new ones," says Brady
Making introductions is a great way to be helpful to your contacts. Being helpful and leading with value is a highly effective way to build a network. There are many ways to be helpful, but making introductions is often one of the best.
According to a recent post on their blog, networking site LinkedIn will become available to people as young as 14 years old starting in September. LinkedIn Manager in Corporate Communications Crystal Braswell joins Caitlyn to talk about why this development makes sense.
4. Recommend someone like you're a total maniac! Most people don't realize how fun the professional networking site, LinkedIn
Even with a vast array of online job search tools, the power of connections still holds strong, especially when it comes to developing strong networking relationships with those regard as thought leaders in your industry.
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In Los Angeles, going out to network is work. It's a rare occasion that I'm jazzed enough to tack on an extra three hours of Hollywood shop talk on top of a long day.
For those who may be reentering the job market after decades of employment, you should know that the rules have changed considerably since you were last looking for a job.