"I thought it was my duty to teach them how to beguile their way through a professional world steeped in racism so they could be successful. I was wrong."
In interviews with a few hundred students at one of the largest universities in the US, we learned that the majority of students
Every time you work, start with the tasks that will contribute most to your success. Every time you want to stop working
Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism is a response to a profoundly dangerous anti-democratic tendency in the U.S., visible as well in other countries. Their manifesto is endorsed by many prominent therapists, and it went public on June 23.
Are you guilty of abusing exclamation marks in your emails, memos or even blog posts? Have a peek and see.
Excuse 2: We did not have the time. Being the owner of a small business myself, I deeply empathize with my peers who are
Not only did Michael not owe her a huge explanation for what he does with his life, he also doesn't deserve the periodic shady comments she's throwing his direction as she continues to play the victim in a completely victimless scenario.
Have you ever felt like some people you work with act like spoiled children as opposed to professional adults?
"I hope that I will never live in a world where the phrases, 'He is a real professional', or 'She behaves like a true professional
In business, and even when you are out enjoying life, you probably notice plenty of people around you who seem at home in their chosen field.
After you know the right people, who those people are, and have taken the time to listen to them, you can then easily transition to being understood. The key to being understood is to clearly and concisely convey what you are interested in doing.
According to a Washington Post article, a work environment that's heavily focused on drinking can be detrimental to a company
Keeping your dreams alive is the one job from which you will never be rejected, fired, or laid off. Just because you don't get your dream job right after graduation doesn't mean it's impossible.
We don't hand over the controls of jetliners to just anyone. Nor should we hand over the controls of the presidency to political beginners.
The field of nursing has an attribute that many others lack. Even on the worst of days, nurses will never leave the workplace wondering if they just did something meaningful. My hope is that that the public outcry to the incident on The View revives a deeper respect for nursing.
While at lunch today, I was talking with a friend whose has had her own consulting business for over 20 years. We were in the midst of sharing ideas and getting caught up when, I heard another one. Another story of a woman who had been dinged in her career for being "too" professional, well I guess essentially for not opening up.
This is a time of real change in the legal cannabis industry. Just in the last year we've made many business inroads and technological innovations that have stoked already red-hot growth.
Many students spend months working on getting internships. They spend days deciding what to wear to make the right first impression, but the reality is that your last impression counts for as much as your first one.
My clients often fear that if they show their true selves at work and reveal to their peers the fun sides of their personalities, they won't be taken seriously. If your professionalism makes you feel stymied, then you've probably taken it a bit too far.
New evidence suggests that differences in legislature structure at the state level have important implications for representation.