"As we parted ways at this gorgeous unnamed and nondescript restaurant off the Malibu coast, she turned around to flash me her winning dimples that some might argue made her career."
In modern American politics, cash is king. Hopeful candidates tap into donor networks, amass millions in contributions, and bury their opponents under a mountain of ads. The strong survive, and the weak are spent into oblivion.
Who has been your role model in your adult life? What cause or problem would you like to see resolved in the next ten years
Hostile comments abound on any article that mentions her: “Go back to the Philippines!” “Are you trying to change Korea into
Former fashion designer turned interior designer, Brett Beldock is one of those women you want to be friends with or be mentored by.
"People are now realizing they're not their jobs," she said, "And people we admire are often people who did not let their
One of the most exclusive magazines on the planet can only be found in the luxury apartments rented out by onefinestay. With locations in Paris, London, New York, and LA, it's the perfect way to live like a local.
Netflix isn't shy about revealing that it uses vast amounts of subscriber data -- what titles, genres and actors subscribers
As technology penetrates our lives even further, we must realize that it is a tool that can be used to our benefit; it must not become a detriment to our own well-being. We can use it to enjoy or learn from others, but realize that there is much more to it than meets the eye.
Critics charge that MacGuineas’s campaign is simply a ploy by chief executives to push for lower corporate tax rates and
“The interesting thing about theater performing,” Pope Caffey said, “[is that] you feel young forever. A lot of women in
“We’ve been planning this and talking about what we’re going to do...” Her son Aurelio bounces from wooden table to table
After all those “doozies,” Riley is now enjoying being engaged to graphic designer/aspiring director Carl Brunson; she’s
It's hard to know the true meaning of what I saw and experienced in Cuba as people are still guarded about what they say
What's New: "I'm working on a fine jewelry collection, which will be debuting in a couple of months. I've always had a very
Kiss told AOL Travel that he had to carefully monitor weather conditions and visit the mountains near Zermatt three to four
Adam Richman is finally full. The Travel Channel host spent the last few years traveling around the country stuffing his
Ever wondered what it would be like to search for a lost city? To get lost in the Amazon Jungle hunting for clues and relics
The New York Times has a quasi-profile of new White House Press Secretary Jay Carney out, and the big takeaway is basically... I don't know, exactly! Jay Carney is kind of dull, maybe? Or he wasn't all that forthcoming with reporter Jeremy Peters?