After 91 years, New Yorkers can finally dance in bars.
Arizona became the first state to allow drugmakers to promote off-label uses of their drugs. Will other states follow, and
Guess which countries boycotted negotiations to ban nuclear weapons.
Ethan Nadelmann is moving on after decades of helping change U.S. drug laws. He's confident the Trump administration can't destroy his legacy.
The amazing aspect of Williams' talent is she writes like she is composing music. Her words are like notes creating a musical
America is in the midst of a dramatic shift in public opinion, one which began at least a decade ago and shows no signs of reversing any time soon. The concept of fully legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use must now actually be considered the mainstream opinion in America.
Guests staying today in the partially renovated Belmar and other properties on Olas Altas can walk a few minutes inland to
Today, the marijuana industry is pinned between conflicting state and federal regulations.
In 1920, on the first day of Prohibition, people must have looked around and thought, "How the hell did this happen?" Wayne Wheeler, leader of the National Anti Saloon League, knew exactly how it happened.
The end of the federal government's War On Weed is approaching fast. No matter how the details work out, that much seems pretty clear at this point.
America will soon face a similar number of temptations to renege on all kinds of international agreements that it signed in good faith with other nations. Supporters will promise all kinds of benefits they can't deliver. Learn from the British and the Baptists.
Waiting for you at Mazatlan was not only the plaza but some of the country's earliest resort hotels, wide open for business
The best part of traveling is finding adventure in unexpected places. This is probably why the speakeasy craze has become so popular. The speakeasy dates back to the 1920s and the Prohibition Era when the sale of alcohol was illegal in the United States. Soon, hidden saloons began to pop-up where patrons could drink in secret. Now, the trend is reborn.
I interviewed James Hedges, Prohibition Party candidate for President of the United States to find out why he was running for POTUS.
The Russian government is out of step with the world on drug policy -- and it's working to perpetuate failed policies of the past.