When asked to name their reasons for not wanting Glass, the top three explanations offered were: the cost of Glass (37 percent
It’s a Wednesday evening in late May and nine people -- mostly male, mostly in T-shirts -- have gathered for the first in
Google also tweeted that people selected for the program should follow @ProjectGlass in order to receive a direct message
And Scoble says that privacy concerns many people have raised about Glass's camera are "totally misplaced." "I'll never take
For sound, Google has chosen to forgo traditional headphones or earbuds in favor of a bone conduction transducer, which transmits
Still, many signs point to the auction being a farce. Though Google's "If I Had Glass" guidelines do not explicitly prohibit
The clip is intended to show "how it feels" to wear Google Glass, which appears in the wearer's field of view as a small
On Friday evening we found ourselves at the Double Down Saloon in the East Village (for journalism) when something unusual
But what happens when our software improves? The new year is also bringing us closer to a new kind of brain. We're not: with
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