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We would never keep friends if we talked to them like we talk to ourselves.
Healthy Living
But life with Lyme has changed that. Life with Lyme means that I can’t predict what I’ll be capable of doing from one day
For both Arianna Huffington and Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, it is a deeply personal cause.
Today's "Chicken Soup For The Soul Moment" brings you two teens helping others! If you thought high school kids only cared
An eating disorder is so terribly miserable, I would not even wish it on my worst enemy's cousin's tarantula. But over half of my life has been defined and ruled by this insidious illness, and as devastating as it has been, it has ultimately changed my life in a way for which I can only be thankful.
Since Project HEAL's inception in 2008, the grassroots organization has raised well over $300,000 and sent nine scholarship recipients to treatment.
No. Just no. Since you have your heart set on finding a girlfriend who has a "good old-fashioned eating disorder," perhaps you should stake out one of our nation's many treatment centers specializing in treating this disease to court a patient who is just your type.
Today tweens and teens are using their voice, taking action and creating change. And they're being heard loud and clear.