project veritas

A jury ruled against the far-right activist group, siding with a Democratic consulting firm that said it was secretly recorded by an undercover operative.
Prosecutors say two people from Florida have pleaded guilty in a scheme to peddle a diary and other items belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter.
Meanwhile, James O'Keefe's right-wing sting operation has reportedly been harassing New York Times and CNN reporters.
The Washington Post was the target a failed sting operation from Project Veritas, the latest maneuver from the organization. We take a look at Project Veritas and their convoluted history of “exposing corruption.”
The judge upheld his earlier order preventing the Times from further publishing the memos, and also ruled that the newspaper must turn over physical copies of the documents and destroy electronic versions.
Although he then told Project Veritas that he was sticking with his original claims, it's another blow to Trump's efforts to overturn the election results.
The video, produced by far-right huckster James O’Keefe and promoted by Trump, claimed to prove Rep. Ilhan Omar committed election fraud. It does not.
The network said it would bar the veteran correspondent from political coverage after he privately criticized President Trump and called himself a socialist.
The president tweeted a "rumor" that CNN President Jeff Zucker will resign soon. CNN's response was short and sweet.
A judge sanctioned Justice Department attorneys for withholding videos filmed by Project Veritas.