prom 2013

Can you think of a better end-of-year surprise than your favorite celebrity showing up unexpectedly to your prom? Believe
When high school senior Paige Britton met up with her classmate, Justice Garrish, for a picnic over Memorial Day weekend
"[Grumpy Cat] is something that’s really popular and a lot of kids see, so they kind of can relate to it,” DeMarco told
Tell us, what do you think of Kristen's dress? What kind of clothes are you planning to wear to the prom? Sound off in the
Sydney and her mom, Celeste Corcoran, went to the Boston Marathon in April to support Celeste's sister, Carmen Acabbo. According
This guy gets how to do prom. To everyone else who didn't show up in cosplay: You are doing it incorrectly. (via
Not only did Rains' friends make sure she got to experience prom by recreating the event, but other local businesses in Grimes
Pop lock and drop it They see him rollin... Your moves are the illest ...slide to the left ...slide to the right So get on
Long gone are the days of simply asking someone to prom in the hallway before class -- and it certainly doesn't always feel
"I did it because it was the right thing to do," he wrote. Good on you, dude. She came into my work crying because her prom