It can be a scary thing for us to ask our friends, and furthermore our families and coworkers, to use language that makes us feel acknowledged and accepted when, in a lot of cases, these people have never been asked to do this before.
WASHINGTON — What happens when 334 linguists, lexicographers, grammarians and etymologists gather in a stuffy lecture hall
Talk about belated recognition. At its meeting in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 7, theAmerican Dialect Society voted to make
Let's be clear: refusing to accept Caitlyn Jenner for who she is disrespects her and her accomplishments. It costs you nothing to identify her with her correct pronouns. Literally nothing. You don't lose anything by allowing Jenner to be herself.
With violence against trans people peaking right along with the media coverage, knowing who we can trust is more important than ever. Who gives a crap about Bruce Jenner's pronouns? I do. You should, too.
Those who go looking for evidence of increasing self-absorption seem to find it everywhere these days. Inflated egos are
The results were quite impressive. Participants in the second group performed significantly better at the speaking task than
This isn't the first study to look at the link between language and equality. Past research found that languages across the
Fox News is counting the number of times President Obama uses the word "I" in speeches? Yes, this is a real journalism thing that Fox is spending Rupert Murdoch's money on.
We face the greatest crisis in my lifetime and I do not care one teeny little bit about pronouns.