Teaching is a thankless job. And though the voices of the working class are often already ignored by management, astonishingly, it could get worse with the recent ruling that caps on political contributions are unconstitutional.
Talk to any LAUSD teacher and they will tell you they clearly want a fair, living wage and that a raise is long overdue. In fact, in my conversations with fellow teachers and health and human services professionals, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks a raise isn't long overdue.
With millions in Proposition 30 dollars trickling in and more revenue promised under Gov. Jerry Brown's school-funding plan
With the Governor's May budget revision being announced this week and the Legislature working to pass a final budget by June 15, these are some of the issues Assembly Democrats will be focusing on to make sure our state takes the critical steps we need.
The change follows California voters' passage in November of Proposition 30, which permanently raises income taxes on the
By reinstating the APLE program, California can renew its commitment to growing a strong and vital teaching workforce and ensure that our collective tomorrow will indeed be a golden one.
The dream of a University of California education has been a historical driver of the upward economic mobility of California's young people. With the passage of Proposition 30, Governor Brown on Nov. 14 said the UC must think anew about how it does business.
While critics put teachers unions in their crosshairs, the unions in effect serve as proxies for public education. If critics can discredit teachers and their unions, they can build the case for not improving, funding or valuing our public schools.
As I watched them from the other side of the gas pumps of the America that I live in, I felt sure that our futures were intertwined no matter what the Republican candidates had been feeding me in their election ads all year.
Californians being willing to pay higher taxes during a precarious economy proved the importance of public education, Meza
(c)2012 the Daily News (Los Angeles) The school board voted unanimously today to rescind 10 employee furlough days, which
Proposition 30's victory at the polls may have ended the prospect of deep midyear budget cuts for California's public universities
But the Golden State seems to be growing up just a little too fast for the host, who was shocked that the electorate also
Gov. Jerry Brown's initiative is projected to bring in about $6 billion annually over the next few years, though those funds
The citizens of our largest state spoke clearly on what is a defining issue of our day: the role of public education in the remaking of the American promise.
The revenue will help repay education funding withheld during the recession and keep district budgets intact. The passage
California's public education system suffered serious and repeated cuts to its budget as the state dealt with an entrenched
Heading into election night, Prop 30 had struggled to reach 50 percent support in several polls, and polling showed a slow
Proposition 30 will raise the state's sales tax by a quarter of a cent for four years starting Jan. 1, and will for seven