Yujing Zhang appears to have been “up to something nefarious" when she entered the property, a judge said.
Much like with drug kingpin El Chapo, prosecutors are seeking a criminal forfeiture of his assets.
Association: How the voting rights of members of the Association works is very important to know, which is why the Association
As you can see, life in an HOA or COA managed community can be a tad more complicated than you expected. As in all aspects
Don't just stop at the house and the lawn, put the driveway and the porch in order too. Replace your mailbox if you have
3. Think About The Cost Leasing a property is cheaper when you consider the paying of huge sums at once as against buying
When a common interest community, such as a gated subdivision, is built, the developer is in control of the HOA or COA -- which
There are some simple things you can do to speed up the sale of your home without having significant effect on the profit. This article will give you some inside secrets from real estate professionals that will get your home off the market faster than you can think of.
Since 1964, Associations have become increasingly common in part because they give residents a degree of control over their investment that homeowners in non-Association communities do not have.
Tens of thousands of people languished in psychiatric hospitals in the Soviet Union for years, not because they were insane but because they held views that contradicted the system.
Being single and 20 weeks pregnant with twins, I had a pretty big one. I made the decision that I needed a 10 year investment plan for my babies. If I didn't do something before they were born, I'd totally miss the boat and all available income after they arrived would need to be spent on their every need. Two babies on one single income will allow little for investment plans!
City: Charlotte Median home value: $482,600 10. South Carolina: 29482 Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, has the zip
As more people opt to have children later or not at all it's more and more common for people to have fur babies. Hence the demand for pet friendly homes is at an all time high. Every house we advertise for rent is met with applications from people with pets.
- Are you offering a peer to peer relationship, say you are in your mid 20s taking on other college kids or young professionals
At first blush, it may seem like civil forfeiture is different than the usual methods of justice: targeting poor people who have nothing and placing them in jail. As hard as state and federal governments may try, you can't take nothing from nothing so indigent populations are impervious to forfeiture schemes.
Law enforcement officials in Oklahoma are distraught about a bill to reform civil asset forfeiture.
Celebrities have the luxury of picking the most stunning destinations on earth for their vacation homes. But even in a sought-after place like Italy's Lake Como (where you'd have George Clooney as a neighbor), you'll find attractive options even for those of us who live less than a red-carpet lifestyle.
“Filled with natural light” . . . But surprisingly lacking any light fixtures. “Contact for photos” It’s a trap. That’s all
When you buy a piece of property overseas, it can sometimes come with an important bonus -- it can open the door to foreign residency. Here are five of my favorite places where you can obtain residency by buying real estate.