Property damage

The actual owners of the camera shop that was burned during Wisconsin protests declined to participate in the president's political stunt.
Vicky Osterweil's "In Defense of Looting" makes the case that looting isn't a betrayal of protests for Black lives, but a vital aspect of the movement.
A derecho can cause damage more like an inland hurricane than a quick, but more powerful tornado.
Roanoke Police Department arrested James Trainor on a felony property damage charge on Monday.
The government's effort to convict some inauguration day demonstrators has been kind of a mess.
The women were charged with third-degree burglary and aggravated criminal damage.
As part of the foreclosure process, banks rely on contractors to assess what are supposed to be vacant properties. Often this means break-ins of occupied homes. Is this fair practice or just a necessary evil of foreclosures? Ben Hallman, Carlin J. Phillips and Matthew Weidner join Alicia to discuss.
A fire broke out behind the walls of renowned art dealer Larry Gagosian's house in Amagansett on Tuesday night, leaving it