The “Captain Marvel” actor became part of a surprise proposal between two of her biggest fans.
Tom Hanks helps plan a proposal the way only Tom Hanks can.
You've made the decision to propose marriage -- how exciting! The act of asking someone to marry you is a huge life milestone and you'll remember the big moment for the rest of your years together.
"When I saw that little fluffball my heart nearly exploded.”
Elaborate marriage proposals and stunts have their unique seasons. Doubt it? Take a trip down YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms and you will struggle to catch your breath from the various emotional and often over-the-top marriage proposals littered around the cyberspace.
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When you look close enough, you can see themes that shine through to be the rule rather than the exception. The commonalities aren't trivial either. They show that love is a combination of selflessness, hard work, conscientiousness, consideration, thoughtfulness and appreciation.
"I wish he would have been more formal." Joan's boyfriend popped the question on an evening drive so casually, she says, she
This time is meant to celebrate that love that exists between the two of you. And that day, that special, magical, blissful, wonderful day, is meant to show the world that love and throw it around like confetti. (Or bubbles. Or sparklers. Whatever. I'll plan our wedding exit later.)
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Being a bride is a full-time job in itself, but you probably also have a day job that requires your undivided attention too. So how do you manage it all? Compartmentalizing is key. But how?
Now is the time of year that we in the wedding industry call "engagement season". Why? Because close to 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Families are all home to celebrate, the holidays make the months extra romantic, and it's just that time of year that engagements happen.
Austin Crecelius took this metaphor to the next level.