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Go ahead -- plan an elaborate flash mob, a scavenger hunt or simply roll over in bed and say, "Hey, wanna make this official?" Your marriage proposal will be the best proposal ever because it's yours.
Stumpf jokingly pretended to reject the proposal, but eventually said "yes." Demetriades did not respond to The Huffington
Illinois couple Jake and Kristin go to the movies almost every week, so when Jake decided it was time to pop the question
Watch the video above to see the adorable proposal from start to finish. Then, click through the slideshow below for 10 more
Redd told HuffPost Weddings that it took him three months to plan the proposal between locking down the venue, finding other
The next time you find yourself sitting in a movie theater and falling asleep during the "Coming Attractions," wake up! One
You might think you've seen some pretty wild marriage proposals (elaborate flashmobs, anyone?), but until you've see a man
It could be the holiday cheer in the air, the time spent with family and friends or perhaps the romance of snowy weather