Leaders, members and associates of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have become the central targets of the Justice Department’s sprawling investigation.
Harris had asked that he be released and confined at home under strict conditions, but a judge said evidence offered by prosecutors “overwhelmingly supports detention.”
The Justice Department created an exception to a decadeslong policy meant to prevent prosecutors from taking overt investigative steps that might affect the outcome of the vote.
“We hold that none of the President’s allegations, taken together or separately, are sufficient to raise a plausible inference that the subpoena was issued ‘out of malice or an intent to harass,’” the appeals court said.
Prosecutors accused Jarrett William Smith of distributing information through social media about building a bomb and making napalm.
Abuse victims will tell a judge Tuesday that Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's associate, should be denied bail on multiple charges, prosecutors say.
Prosecutors said former officer Gerald Goines allegedly lied about evidence in order to obtain warrants to search homes and make arrests.
The incumbent state's attorney for Cook County beat out three challengers after a tough year of criticism over how she handled the actor's case.
At his rape trial in New York, the accused serial sexual predator chose not to tell his own story at the risk of having prosecutors grill him on cross-examination.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to have a majority coalition after March's election to shield him from prosecution.