prosecutorial misconduct

The ruling affects all drug cases tested at the state lab between 2009 and 2013.
“New York will be the first state to show it will no longer tolerate the unethical and immoral actions of District Attorneys who abuse their enormous power in the criminal justice system."
Prosecutors are generally immune from accountability. A new joint initiative from Civil Rights Corps and the ACLU seeks to change that.
Prosecutor Angela Corey made a name locking up juveniles, securing death sentences and failing to get George Zimmerman convicted.
"Tough on crime" was once a winning strategy. Now it's becoming a liability.
Evidence gathered from a jailhouse informant helped to build a case against a man for murder. In a retrial without that evidence, a jury failed to convict him.
It's something that almost never happens in the justice system.
After he mentioned the ongoing jailhouse informant scandal, the DA's investigator "lost it" and started "punching his lights out," his attorney says.
They've cost taxpayers millions, and people have collectively and needlessly spent hundreds of years behind bars.
Prosecutors and cops in the county have violated the Constitution, they say.