Huey, Dewey and Louie meet their long-lost parent, who returns from a decade spent stranded on the moon.
A fashion model born without her right forearm gets married wearing a customized prosthetic.
Karamel is believed to be the first squirrel to be given prosthetics.
Model and activist Lauren Wasser, who lost her right leg in 2012 and now her left, was suffering from severe pain.
Recently, we came across a story that at first sounded unique, as many seemingly random acts of goodness often do. Jeff Powell, a student in North Carolina, had used a 3D printer to make a functional prosthetic hand for a little boy.
Today, my union, the United Steelworkers, will toll a bell for each of the 33 Steelworkers killed on the job since last Workers' Memorial Day 12 months ago.
WHY: Our eyes are drawn to prosthetics. This can be simply because they're intricate pieces of machinery, or because they're
Having to change her son's prosthetic is like "buying a brand new car every two years," French said. But French said her