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Naki'o is one amazing dog that will fill your heart with love! Naki'o and his littermates were very young and left in a foreclosed home during the winter in Nebraska.
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The five-year war in Syria has killed at least 250,000 and wounded many more.
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The arm is helping children forget about their disabilities and just be kids.
Soon, scientists will begin human trials on brain-controlled bionic limbs.
My plea is - particularly to funders - to focus support on the valley of death between proof-of-concept and commercialization. Without it, there is no impact at scale.
Equipment -- prosthetic limbs, pacemakers -- designed specifically for children often lag five years to 10 years behind new technology for adults. Parents are pushing for that to change.
“So many people didn't believe in me, but you just have to use that as motivation,” Caitlin said. The run was initially supposed
"I think we're just getting started at this point. It's like the early days of the Internet," Mike McLoughlin, the program
“In a few years, I expect to see prosthetic devices made of prosthetic skin that detects external stimuli and responds like real skin, operated by brain signals.”
Through sheer determination, a will to live and desire to see my children grow up, get married and go to college I FOUGHT. I fought like had never fought before in my life.