Barrie Gower researched disorders like necrosis and leprosy to make King Viserys' decline "very grounded in the real world of horrible diseases."
Marsha Elle, a longtime amputee, didn't even wear shorts in public until she was 23.
This woman was unable to find a prosthesis to match her skin tone.
A company called Disaster Hack is making 3D-printed prosthetics to provide a more affordable option to those who need replacement limbs.
Design student Dani Clode has invented a prosthetic thumb that serves as an additional digit for able-bodied humans instead of a replacement.
Students at Johns Hopkins University have developed a prosthetic foot that can adapt to heels up to four inches high.
The Paralympic-style games welcome competitors of all skill levels.
The students used a 3D printer to make the icy blue device.