William Bynum Jr. was arrested in central Mississippi for procuring services of a prostitute, false statement of identity and possession of marijuana.
Cindy Yang said claims that she sold access to President Donald Trump were false and that she was being unfairly attacked by Democrats.
South Korea's high-living "Great Gatsby" has been named in the operation of a prostitution ring.
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Comedian and stripper, Jacq the Stripper explains how strippers can be feminists too and why sex workers may feel left out of the Me Too movement.
Jeffrey Hurant will now focus on changing the laws related to sex workers.
When Jelinajane Bedrijo Almario was 16, she pimped out younger girls on prostitution websites and brought them to motels.
Hundreds of rubbers add to the case against Jade Massage Therapy.
People feel jumping queues isn't fair, not morally right and breaches established social norms. Immanuel Kant's deontology