protest songs

If foreign policy had a soundtrack, it would be the opposite of easy listening. Really, could anyone listen to a symphony
Nina Simone's music stirs the soul. I liken it to one awash in the Holy Spirit in a Baptist church on a Sunday morning. Her classical piano finesse infused with her jazzy and bluesy gospel voice is heard in all of her music, especially in all of her civil rights protest songs.
It turns out Samuel L. Jackson has a voice as big as his heart. Jackson's not the only actor to issue a challenge against
I saw at an early age that through singing one could stand up for the rights of the many. What I realize now is that I longed to do something for the greater good through singing and that this was a part of what the folk movement and protest song genre accomplished.
Sustainability and the concept of shared fate -- that we're all on this small planet together and our fates are woven together -- could sure benefit from a good song (or two).
Our generation's fight to build a sustainable future will be long and hard. To prevail we will need a battalion of Flobots to inspire and fortify our wills -- and together we will make the world better and more beautiful place.
The congressman started a firestorm when he said that he's opposed to abortion in the case of rape because doctors had supposedly
Throughout the night, audience members swayed to the music, sang along with the performers and stood up in homage to this incredible prophet of funk. People Get Ready, indeed.
Where are the songs for Occupy's time in history? Who will write the words and music and poetry? Will we find our voice? These questions have been answered in full and emphatically with OccupyThisAlbum.
Stewart Francke believes that music, at its finest, should move those of us who hear it to take some sort of action -- to learn more, to right a wrong, or even just to dance and have fun.
Via Blame It on the Voices Thousands of websites are participating in a content blackout today in protest of SOPA and PIPA
Ani DiFranco is back with her first studio album in more than three years. "Which Side Are You On?" tackles issues on both
To all the good folks pitching tents at OWS, this song's for you. We support you, hope you keep warm this winter, and ask you to keep a spot open in your tent for us.
The song itself is about the history of America's long decline, beginning with the exploitation of the natives, slavery and
With all the rhetorical force and righteous anger of the prophets, the Nightwatchman's biblically literate activism rails against the individuals and institutions responsible for the plight of the needy
Pete Seeger and actor Mark Ruffalo traveled to Albany Tuesday to push for a moratorium on hydrofracking. The two celebrities