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Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm called for "tolerance" and "religious freedom" in a recent interview.
Read Boz Tchividjian's post, "Spotlight: It's Not Just A Catholic Problem" and check out resources and training his organization
I never really noticed just how large of a chasm exists between the general Catholic approach to religion and that of most protestants--from clerics to laity--until I had embarked on a month-long bike ride.
Starting this conversation is "part of a number of aims that we see as the role of WATCH," she wrote. "Often people are asking
Two new books reviewed by Kaya Oakes , one by Linda Mercadante, the other by the Smith-Longest-Hill-Christofferson team, teach the smart-cracker to get not smart but wise, as these authors deal with SCNRs -- Mercadante's acronymic coinage for the "Spiritual But Not Religious."
The citizens of Leipzig are very proud of the fact that the East Germany revolution of 1989 began in their city.
Many Presbyterians jubilantly proclaimed that the Holy Spirit had unquestionably descended upon the 221st General Assembly when commissioners voted to amend the definition of "marriage" in the Book of Order from a union of "a man and a woman" to a union of "two people."
Another reason could be a decline in church member attendance, Branaugh said. “The church doesn’t think that way,” Ronsvalle
The key to achieving the reform so desperately needed by both Catholic and Protestant churches was right under Pope Francis' nose the moment he stepped out on the Vatican balcony. Clues can be found in a cloud of pink smoke and in the legacy of his patron saint, Francis of Assisi.
The priest said girls, many of them dressed for a night out - "At one stage it looked like a Milan catwalk," he quipped - had
Bishop Margot Kaessmann, the controversial head of Germany's Protestant Church, has been arrested for drunk driving. Kaessmann