Protestant Reformation

Centuries later, these two Christian groups are working towards unity.
The other, more subtle, argument one hears about Pope Francis's reluctance to admit women to the priesthood goes something
Christianity has changed over the years. This change has not taken place in Christianity's core beliefs, which are substantially the same as they were at the beginning. The change has happened in its outward expressions. The soul of the faith is little altered; its body has changed.
While filming our Protestant Reformation documentary in Germany, we decided to use Rothenburg's 16th-century settings to do my "on cameras." It was perfect: Its Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum is the best of its kind.
Ken Burns can enthrall me for hours on end with lavishly filmed, edited and narrated history. It's my hope that our hour-long special on Luther and the Reformation will be enthralling too.
We're in Germany filming a one-hour special about Martin Luther and the Reformation which will be released in a year for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.
We've begun a twelve-day TV shoot in Germany for a public television special celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (due out in late 2016). Perhaps you don't know yet how exciting this is.
If you know more than Jon Snow, you’ll know that religion in Westeros bears striking similarities to faith in the real world
The crisis of Islam today, as it fragments into antagonistic factions, bears some resemblance to that of Christianity in the sixteenth century. Yet even detailed historical patterns can be like faces that we see in clouds, landscapes that we see in agate, or prophesies of the Delphic oracle.
What if I looked at on this Reformation Day Oberman's critique in light of Halloween how would Luther speak today in that reclamation? What would a reclaimed Halloween express?
Many Presbyterians jubilantly proclaimed that the Holy Spirit had unquestionably descended upon the 221st General Assembly when commissioners voted to amend the definition of "marriage" in the Book of Order from a union of "a man and a woman" to a union of "two people."
Last Saturday was the day set aside for the annual festival commemorating "The Conversion of St. Paul." Did anyone notice? Still, Paul is "all over the place" in Christianity. Almost everything about him evokes or signals conflict.
But while ecumenical dialogue has developed new common understandings on some divisive points, other doctrines - such as
The sad fact is that even many theologians, Catholic and other, have only a generic grasp of the council as a historical happening, and, hence, are led to pronounce judgments on it that are misleading and, generally, more negative than the council deserves.
This year Easter will be celebrated on March 31, but in 2014 it will occur on April 20. The reason has to do with the mismatch between the periodicity of the sun and the moon and the long history of human efforts to create a reliable and consistent calendar.
Watching Fox News, one would think that the Roman Catholic view is the only Christian view in America. It isn't: 51.5 percent of Americans self identify as Protestants -- more than double the number of Catholics.
Condemned by the Catholic Inquisition, "The Praise of Folly," in its assault on divisive and militant religion, ranks as one of the more subversive works in the history of the Church. In our own age of religious strife and intolerance, it is a message that can hardly be preached too often.
Eleven years after the benefit concert in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was held at Madison Square Garden, many of the same top musicians came together to raise money for those suffering from Superstorm Sandy.
Parr's efforts came at a time when the Mass and the Bible were in Latin. Millions worshipped with very little knowledge of what the church actually supported. Priests even repeated the mass without understanding the Latin they spoke.