Sometimes a fresh perspective doesn't really change much.
Two police officers have been suspended after disturbing video of the incident offers a glimpse at how police are responding to peaceful demonstrations.
Watch as Jill Biden blocks a protester charging the stage from getting to her husband as he delivers his Super Tuesday victory speech.
At a Pennsylvania rally, President Donald Trump mocked a security guard for not being rough on a protester who was being escorted out.
A very fancy protester lurked behind former Equifax CEO Richard Smith during his hearing before the Senate Banking Committee.
"He reacted like most people do when attacked by an unknown object," said an aide to the former NBA star.
"I'm not saying you should just pop one of these tiny, really immature looking protesters with ginormous hands in the face or anything," Trump yelled at the crowd while the protester was being removed, "but you all know I have a lot of money, like a lot, a lot, a lot of money."
Marco Rubio played the part of a yappy little attack dog all night long, but only really landed one good blow on Trump (when he turned the "you repeat things" attack back on him) for all his heartfelt effort.
Baltimore Protestor Breaks Curfew, Gets Arrested On Live TV