The Fox News host went there discussing the aftermath of a grand jury's failure to charge Louisville cops with Taylor's killing.
Some media outlets wrongly portrayed actions of four Africa Town Coalition members as reflective of a massive, nationwide movement.
Videos showed NYPD officers pulling a protester into an unmarked van during an anti-racism protest.
Several city officials have expressed concern over the NYPD’s handling of the woman’s arrest. "We need answers immediately," said the city comptroller.
Interior Department's inspector general investigation was sparked by Democratic lawmakers' complaint that excessive force was used on a peaceful crowd.
Dozens of National Guard troops were seen on the memorial's steps as peaceful protesters gathered below.
"The Daily Show" reveals how the Fox News host changes his tune depending on who's doing the protesting.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on Fox News to talk about why she called President Donald Trump a “weak leader.”
The Rhode Island corrections officer had already been placed on administrative leave after allegedly injuring several protesters when he swerved into the crowd.
“Shame!” Demonstrators yelled at a pickup truck that drove into the crowd outside of a private prison in Rhode Island.