protesters arrested

Filing questionable charges a year later is "like picking the scab off," says ACLU lawyer.
In Ferguson Municipal Court this week, the unconstitutional police tactics of Aug. 13 and early Aug. 14, tactics that suppressed
Phillips says his head was slammed down on the hood of a police SUV, and his $20,000 camera was treated carelessly during
While the Chicago Police Department has received local and national praise for their handling of protester conflicts during
Take Back the Capitol marchers protested at the offices of Verizon, GE and the American Bankers Association. Most of them
Marc Scott is playing with his giant dog, Murray Bear. Scott brags that Murray Bear, who managed to push into the barn during
Green Party candidate Terry Joan Baum was also spotted at the protests, holding aloft a sign displaying her campaign slogan
Police arrested the protesters remaining on the Iowa statehouse's west lawn Sunday night for "trespassing" because they said
Dozens of protesters were arrested Monday for blocking the doors and streets outside congressional buildings near the U.S