Humble and down to earth -- but not a protocol breach, experts said.
Lucky wedding traditions from across the globe While July may be infamous for unlucky weddings, couples worldwide have found
Catharsis is important in reducing stress levels significantly.
Latin America is seeing a wave of powerful protests against gender-related killings.
You are accomplished, brilliant and sophisticated during the workday, managing to stay on your A game!  When it’s time to
Here's what I should have done before accepting her treatment. I should have asked Dr. Google. Here's the question: If you
Note: An earlier version of this column was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. And the immediacy of electronic
As we approach Memorial Day this coming weekend, it's a good time to brush-up on our flag protocol. With thoughts of a fun-in-the-sun three-day weekend ahead, we sometimes forget the roots of Memorial Day.
Many of us feel the need to be overly cordial with old coworkers we encounter in the elevator, and it's usually out of guilt. It's harsh to say, but it's doubtful we'd even notice if they croaked over unless we read it in the obituaries. It's not necessary to guilt yourself into pointless small talk. Just smile and say hello.
DOMINANT HANDSHAKE The Dominant Handshake - Typically, (some) men will extend their hand in this way to a woman (whom they