The crowd gathered at the foot of the Rhode Island State House, it was a marvelous sight of extremes, seeing young children
K.O: Sounds like the next article is a trip to your kitchen to see what your cooking (lol). G.S: Sound good. (laughs) K.O
The idea of a road trip in summer can either make you cringe or bring joy to your heart.
Then I got the call. "Hi," I said, seeing the caller ID with my father-in-law's name as I picked up the phone in my home
Pride All Over: Capital Pride Parade photo by JoeSwickFoto Las Vegas Gay Pride Parade photo by Steve Spatafore/Las Vegas
The promo for the state showed a skateboarder in Reykjavik,
Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr., who served separate, decade-long epochs as mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, each punctuated by a felony conviction, died last week at 74. He lorded over only twenty square miles, but across America political junkies smiled and shook their heads at the news. "F---ing Buddy."
So when the Ocean State Theatre needed money for restorations, he provided funding with the proviso that they change the
Having grown up in Manhattan, and gotten lost in many a monumental edition of the Sunday Times, I understand and sympathize with the fact that, well, it's not always easy to see smaller cities for the humble but pleasant places that they (sometimes) are.
Our strategy to make it through the colder months? Find a warm, cozy hideout to hunker down, preferably one with room service. These nine hotels -- with their fireplaces, fire pits, and other toasty features -- provide the perfect hibernation spots that will thaw out our feet and our hearts.
The Diocese of Rhode Island is building a museum that will tell the story about how the church once profited from slavery.
Does God answer prayers? Can God keep the clouds away from your outdoor wedding? Heal your grandmother? Help you find a girlfriend, as I once prayed in my youth? Is history the unfolding of God's providential plan?
This past weekend wasn't just the unofficial start of summer; it's the official start of Pride season. In the coming month the sunlight will not only stay out longer but cities will start flying the rainbow flag to celebrate their LGBT communities.
With all the pushback these days against standardized testing, and with so much talk about how kids from different backgrounds learn differently, you'd think we'd have a country sprinkled with schools that dedicate themselves to injecting the arts into education.
The ball has dropped, the champagne has popped and the partygoers have kissed. It's a new year. Now, it's time to think about your travel calendar. Before you know it, the planet will tilt and then you'll be roasting turkey and you don't want to think, "I never got to wear that harness." That would be tragic.
Providence went 4-0 this week while capturing the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Classic title behind the stellar play from senior LaDontae Henton.
I believe that schools can make a contribution to reducing overall inequality of opportunity in our society and economy but in what might appear a contrary way: by actually creating inequality in schools.