After the speeches were made the gathered crowd marched behind the enormous rainbow flag, it felt empowering as we chanted
K.O: Haha. Thank you. God Shammgod: The first time people saw me do it was in college against Arizona during the NCAA tournament
The idea of a road trip in summer can either make you cringe or bring joy to your heart.
"Barrington? You can't live in Barrington!" He said, echoing not only his brother's disdainful tone of voice but also his
"Laissez les bons temps rouler" is not just a saying in New Orleans, it's almost a command. Let the good times roll at NOLA
The promo for the state showed a skateboarder in Reykjavik,
Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr., who served separate, decade-long epochs as mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, each punctuated by a felony conviction, died last week at 74. He lorded over only twenty square miles, but across America political junkies smiled and shook their heads at the news. "F---ing Buddy."
Buddy was always on. I remember a day after reelection, while other winners were off on vacation, Buddy was on TV briefing
Having grown up in Manhattan, and gotten lost in many a monumental edition of the Sunday Times, I understand and sympathize with the fact that, well, it's not always easy to see smaller cities for the humble but pleasant places that they (sometimes) are.
Our strategy to make it through the colder months? Find a warm, cozy hideout to hunker down, preferably one with room service. These nine hotels -- with their fireplaces, fire pits, and other toasty features -- provide the perfect hibernation spots that will thaw out our feet and our hearts.