Provincetown, Massachusetts

Many on social media joked about the vice president's daughter getting engaged in a LGBTQ resort area, considering her father's conservative views.
This week I talked with Director Donna Deitch about being honored by Provincetown Film Society on October 13th and the sequel
This week I talked with Rev. Christie Hardwick about the fourth annual Provincetown Inspiration Weekend that takes place
PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — My wife and I spent the morning riding our bicycles to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Seals dived
We knew an army of anti-gay extremists were waging a war against us, our community, our love and same-marriage.
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This week I talked with celebrities, filmmakers and activists at the 19th annual Provincetown International Film Festival
This week I talked with Rick McCarthy, President of the Board of Directors of the Provincetown Film Society about the Provincetown
“Kitty has a lot to do with internalizing, about wanting to be something she’s not. I want people to see the depth of the
When I sang the wonderful and profound words of Joni Mitchell, “Tears and fears and feeling proud, to say I love you right
While inarguably P'Town is known as the best LGBTQ summer resort on the East Coast, and this year marked the 36th anniversary of Carnival, our presence wasn't always as welcoming as it is today.
"By deconstructing and rebuilding the figure, my goal is to invite understandings that reach beyond the immediate surface
For 2014, the Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF) trailer features some of Cape Cod's most prominent avian residents
Mozart meets Kelly Clarkson in the debut music video by Well-Strung, the all-male, hunky string quartet currently performing
The vice president has been continually praised by LGBT rights advocates for speaking out in favor of marriage equality ahead
One year, I was walking past MAP, a small clothing store on Provincetown's West End. There was a sign that proclaimed, "Today's Special Guest Cashier: Michael Cunningham." I popped in, and sure enough, Mr. Cunningham was seated behind the counter.