psa test

The "Zoolander" star spoke about his diagnosis during an appearance on the "Today" show.
“So, yeah, it’s cancer.” My urologist segued from talking about how inconvenient it was picking his daughter up at school
You'll likely live just as long, and you'll avoid some gnarly side effects.
More patients are surviving cancer today. And the quality of their lives is in most instances wonderful. At the ACS ball
Another problem is that modeling studies, like this one, are inherently less powerful than other kinds of medical research
At the time of my surgery, I had no symptoms and would have never suspected that I had a life-threatening, cancerous tumor taking up residency in my prostate and surrounding neighborhood.
The USPSTF has moved on from ambivalence about prostate cancer screening with the PSA test, and inveighed decisively against it -- a recommendation that is apt to stoke the flames of competing passions, and generate a whole lot of heat but altogether too little light.
Men should be empowered to make the best decision about PSA testing for them, and the answer isn't a dictum -- it's information and education.