It "rekindles one of the greatest bromances in television history."
Who doesn't want to insert themselves into their favorite show for a few days?
It's a new month, which means a bunch of new movies and TV shows are hitting Netflix. If you have plans this weekend we'd
That's what we fans of Psych, USA's comedy procedural about a phony psychic detective, call ourselves. And now that it's ending after eight insanely good seasons, I might need to check into a psych ward.
So what draws us to these shows especially at a time when the public has so much disdain for government? Why does there seem to be an inverse relationship between "approval ratings" of the shows and the real-life counterparts of their characters?
It's a sad time for "Psych" fans, knowing that the current season will be its last. After eight seasons, "Psych" is finally
Watch a special message from Roday and Hill above as they try to fight their feelings. Make sure to have a box of tissues
Actor and tap dancer Dulé Hill joins HuffPost Live and shares the secret handshake that Martin Sheen taught on him while they worked on "The West Wing."
I was ignorant. Stubbornly ignorant. But I always am. And that is my secret to my success. (I should note here that by 'success' I mean working on cable television. Basic cable. On a show that gets a noticeable ratings bump when we stunt-cast a wrestler.)
The rest of "Suits" season 3 premieres March 6 at 9 p.m. EST and "Psych" returns Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. EST both on USA. Not only
Series creator Steve Franks announced the news via Twitter on Thursday. After a year of anticipation, the premiere date for
Check out the descriptions for the three possible episodes below: According to THR, she's described as "a sweet, adorably
Good news, Psych-Os: USA has ordered two additional episodes for Season 8! The eighth season will now consist of 10 episodes
"It's on now," a shocked and angry Gus replied. Hall played consultant Harris Trout, who was brought in to keep tabs on how
One of the most reliably amusing running gags on "Psych" involves the aliases of Burton "Gus" Guster, Shawn Spencer's best
Shawn Spencer (James Roday) of "Psych" has been a Santa Barbara resident for years, but does his status as a longtime resident
An exclusive Huffington Post TV clip from the USA Network show Psych
“This is a great example of how USA can eventize a broadcast and take fan engagement to new heights – before, during and
Psych has long been a fan favorite, but with the semi-recent announcement of it being renewed for a season eight filled with only eight episodes, as opposed to its usual 16, fans have been moving and shaking in order to keep Shawn and Gus fixtures on their televisions.