psychedelic drugs

A new crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $2 million to advance promising research that the government has largely neglected.
Originating in the 1960s, as a thriving part of the counterculture havens of San Francisco and New York, psychedelics have long remained immersed in the recesses of the shadow economy. Thriving in an outlaw community of hippies, free thinkers, innovators, college students, music aficionados, and drug dealers.
Researchers saw that LSD induced dramatic changes in brain activity that seem to match up with its characteristic psychological
The images show how the psychedelic drug creates a more "unified" mind.
The trip lasted from before midnight until 4 a.m., Matt says. His exit from it is one for the books. "It was almost like
Jason Silva, host of National Geographic Channel's "Brain Games," is encouraging scientists to explore the medicinal use
For centuries, "magic" mushrooms have been both celebrated and reviled for their mind-expanding properties.
"We find that the psychedelic state is associated with a less constrained and more intercommunicative mode of brain function
We parked near school and he grabbed his book-bag as I moved over to the drivers seat, and I wished my son well with his audition. Anticipating my concern he replied, "Thanks... and I'll do some LSD after that." Like father, like son, it's been a long strange trip.
"I was fascinated to see similarities between the pattern of brain activity in a psychedelic state and the pattern of brain
Incredulous, he asked, "Didn't Congress know that any four-neck round-bottom flask could be used in place of a three-neck round-bottom flask by simply putting a stopper in the fourth neck?" Hmmm. Probably no one in Congress involved in writing the provision had any knowledge of the use of such flasks, including me.
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According to Brown University, psilocybin "is chemically related to LSD" and can cause frightening hallucinations in some
LSD, for example, recently has been tested as a treatment for alcoholism. In a 2012 study, also led by Krebs, a single dose
He introduced me to the main parlor, where a massive collection of framed blotter paper hung. (Mark has over 33,000 sheets
Don't look now, but something important just happened on Mad Men. A major character, someone with real talent in the field, just rejected advertising. Someone who happens to be ad guru Don Draper's bright and shiny new wife.
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