When you’ve had years of your life snatched away from you, you never really get over it.
A new crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $2 million to advance promising research that the government has largely neglected.
“It helped him and both of us live life fully up until the very end,” said a woman who lost her husband to the disease.
Scientists found the drug actually elevates an innate language ability.
Whatever shirt I put on was somehow wrong. It didn’t fit right, or there was a small stain: either way I was making a mistake
Originating in the 1960s, as a thriving part of the counterculture havens of San Francisco and New York, psychedelics have long remained immersed in the recesses of the shadow economy. Thriving in an outlaw community of hippies, free thinkers, innovators, college students, music aficionados, and drug dealers.
Despite this, psilocybin remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance -- by official definition, it has a high potential for
The images show how the psychedelic drug creates a more "unified" mind.
The drug can cause a temporary psychosis-like state, but can also lead to improved well-being.
Understanding the root causes of addiction can help us to better treat it.
A leading psychedelic researcher explains what's really behind the trend.