Instead of an assessment (which implies judgment) and advice (which implies expertise), what someone who's mentally distressed, in any context, needs first, mentally and emotionally, is some acknowledgment and support.
Josh gives us the latest on Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hospital visit.
CSP II, Colorado's newest solitary confinement prison, cost several hundred million dollars. We've used a small part for one year and are about to mothball it. It will likely never again be used for any purpose.
What about the mental health practitioners who seem loathe to speak out about the illness and illness-promoting mechanisms
The Food and Drug Administration is having a meeting to decide who controls your right to choose mental illness treatment.
Debunking myths about child mental health is critical to getting more children the help and understanding they deserve.
If you are mentally ill in Maryland, you are over 2 ½ times more likely to be arrested for it than treated for it.
Jails hold more people with mental illness than hospitals according to a report by Dr. E. Fuller Torrey and the National
Substantial gains could be achieved by organizing everyday activities that grow neurological abilities and sustain brain health. If the ordinary citizen is to achieve brain fitness, they'll need to work at it.
According to the APA, Hasan’s conference panel focused on the role psychiatrists have in treating patients in disaster settings