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When exactly Bethlem's mission transformed from the collection of alms to the treatment of the mentally ill is unclear. By
There are bound to be more Alzheimer's patients in hospital Emergency Departments. Hospital administrators need to link up with organizations such as the Alzheimer's Foundation of America or the Alzheimer's Association and start implementing productive in-service training for their staff.
In the last decade, I have been stable, and have not seen the inside of a hospital for most of that time. I work full-time
We applaud the authors of the JAMA commentary, the NYT's op-ed, and the subsequent NYT's letters to the editor for bringing the issue of inadequate comprehensive psychiatric mental health care to the forefront and proposing an alternative.
People question why anyone would want to work at a psych hospital-- what they don't realize is that it's a place where you can live out your Disney Princess Dreams. Within the walls of the ward, you can be whoever or wherever you want.
Jason Carter escaped from a South Carolina mental hospital Thursday. He has reportedly been captured in Tennessee.
Authorities in South Carolina say a man charged with killing his mother and stepfather has escaped from a Columbia mental hospital.
Now, nearly 30 years later, thoughts of Edith and her psychosis, her time with me (and my time with her) on an inpatient psychiatric unit, my attempts to understand her and care for her, have affected my work today. I struggle with this question: How can we do better?
Over the past five years, Nevada's primary state psychiatric hospital has put hundreds of mentally ill patients on Greyhound
The impact of this insane let-em-lose-to-fend-for-themselves policy is cruel to people with mental illness who desperately need and want treatment. But it's also dangerous to the public.
While so many others were mired in chaos, my mother found stability.
According to the study in USA Today: Roy Neville wrote about this for the Schenectady Alliance on Mental Illness In other
I'm happy the Obama Administration is telling group insurers to stop discrimination against the mentally ill. Now I wish they were listening to what they are saying.