I wasn’t open to experiences and possibilities outside the realm of what was considered “normal,” but that was all about to change.
The Disney Channel star explained that sometimes she’ll “see a scene” happening to a version of herself “in another dimension.”
"Her story is an example of how Brown and Black women have historically been marginalized and exotified in society and popular culture,” the film's director said.
"After living through so much trauma and experiencing so much love, I finally understand that this holiday can mean what we want it to mean. We get to decide."
I don’t know how the medium knows what she knows, but what she is saying is uncanny.
"Last Week Tonight" reveals the tricks mediums use to manipulate vulnerable people.
Like my grandma, I have adopted palm reading as my own party trick.
The "Mom" star also chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about that 2018 swimsuit spread.
“I’m seeing someone behind you. A man with dark hair. Did someone close to you hang himself?” she asked.
"We are a pretty normal family ― only, I suppose, our dinner conversations are maybe a bit different than average."