A new study of criminal minds reveals a flaw in their decision-making.
Although the election is less than two weeks away, based on the current poll numbers, it's looking like America (and the
I have been wondering for awhile, as I know many others have as well, how it is that so many Americans forgive Donald Trump egregious lying and cheating (the tax returns for one) while the same people survey every action and statement of Hillary Clinton with what seems like merciless craving for attack and judgment.
In this novel Parker fleshes out the information we have about Jesse, especially in his relationship with Diana. We also
In order to begin to grasp how DT experiences the world, imagine you are in the same cockpit behind his eyes. The scene is a violent video game down a dark trail of death and destruction in which the goal is survival by destroying others before they destroy you.
What we are witnessing in D.J. Trump is the fitting end of the capitalist system, because the psychopaths at the top of Wall