Thomas Houseago's 15-foot-sculpture has been dubbed "creepy" and "spooky" by concerned passersby.
The decorated transport of Pakistan is much celebrated for its excessive colourful adornment and painted images. Less noticed
Selected by Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park), the Frieze Sculpture Park 2016 features 19 major artists. These are
America's polyglot society continues to be enriched by many people including citizens of other countries, sometimes even
Zoe Leonard's new public artwork brings her iconic queer, feminist statement back to life.
This article is also posted on Brooklyn Street Art. Lauren YS and Ouizi for Murals In The Market 2016. Detroit, Michigan
Shrigley's 2008 piece, Gravestone, featured a similar tombstone with a grocery list in gold-leaf letters. MEMORIAL expands
The moribund Pershing Square Park in downtown Los Angeles briefly came back to life over the past few weeks, thanks to artist Patrick Hearn's monumental and mesmerizing Liquid Shard, inspired by observing nature.
Erika Lizée's exotic, illusionistic paintings extend into quasi-sculptural installations that nimbly occupy literal and liminal space at the same moment.
Carole Feuerman sculpts triumphant hyper-realist figures of women celebrating their physicality as they move through space, timeless and iconic.
These huge figures look like they're flying through the sky.
Staring at the sun is something our mothers always begged us not to do. Eduardo Navarro's recent performance, "We Who Spin Around You," on the New York City High Line, let us brake this rule without guilt.