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Wes Anderson totally seems like he went to a weird liberal arts college, right?
If you encounter a student with over $50,000 in debt, you will usually find that the student transferred majors or schools, or both.
Crain's Chicago Weekly published a fascinating, head-scratching and troubling opinion piece recently by two professors from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University critical of the "wealth hoarding" of large private research institutions.
The major argument for free public college and university education is the same as for free public education in general: like the free public elementary, middle, and high schools already existing in the United States, free public higher education provides educational opportunity for all.
It may be that the crisis must worsen with additional shocks to the system before conditions improve for higher education. The smart money -- supported by fairly consistent data recently -- is arguing that change must come soon.
Are elite college professors really overpaid? A few are, perhaps, but you have to ask: compared to whom? We've reached a point in this country where astronomical paydays are deemed acceptable as long as they occur in the private sector -- and merely decent earnings in the public sector are suspect.
MADISON, Wis. — The Legislature's budget-writing committee voted Friday to cut the University of Wisconsin's budget by $250
On February 25, three University of Arizona graduate students—Kyle Blessinger, Zach Brooks, and Sarah Ann Meggison—had a
"And so to do that, we took advantage of low interest rates for municipal bonds and invested in rehabilitating our residence
LSU and many other public colleges in Louisiana might be forced to file for financial exigency, essentially academic bankruptcy
MADISON, Wis. — Atop a steep hill on the University of Wisconsin campus is a granite boulder affixed with a bronze plaque
Tuition officially surpassed state funding in fiscal year 2012, the GAO found, accounting for 25 percent of public college
Speaking Of Public Universities, They Invent Some Pretty Cool Stuff. A survey of 30,000 college graduates by Gallup and Purdue
Fiske Guide to Colleges released its annual list of "best buy" schools last week, selecting the 14 public colleges and universities
Starbucks named ASU its exclusive partner in a new initiative in which the coffee giant will pay the entire cost of tuition
Sending 4,000 students to college without a tuition bill would cost the state of Oregon $5 to $20 million a year for two
Now, since it’s college graduation time, it’s also the season for the annual “is college worth it” discussion. No one is
Bob King, president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, said, “It’s a complex problem, in the sense that
Adjusted for inflation, 48 states are still spending less per student than they did before the Great Recession. (Alaska and