Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Here are some of my favorite, frugal, effective non-profit citizen action organizations that you may wish to favor with your
Protect scientific integrity or face "a drip-drip-drip" of bad news, warned a group that includes government scientists.
The sanctions against Bibler follow reports from former DEP staffers that Gov. Rick Scott (R) had barred state employees
"Future climate change may also lead to sea level rise which could lead to more frequent and extensive flooding," the plan
In a November 2009 study and an accompanying press release and webpage, the EPA stated there was only a "low level of concern
Polluters are getting away scot-free in Florida, quite literally, according to one group that alleges Gov. Rick Scott and
Documents obtained by the watchdog group [PDF] via the Freedom of Information Act indicate the EPA made a decision to approve
Only a few of Obama's cabinet nominations have received any criticism during this transition period; most have been fuss